Pruning Azaleas

azalea_pink_09If your azaleas have finished flowering and you need to prune them back to control their size and shape, now is the time to do it. Remember that azaleas have adventitious buds under their bark so you may prune anywhere you need to, even on old hardwood, and they will re-sprout. Make sure they are well fed with Holly-tone so they fill back in quickly. If they regrow a bit irregularly you may need to prune again in mid-summer. After that leave them alone to set up their flower buds for the following spring. – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob


It’s Time to Prune

hedge_trimmer09Now is a good time to perform any needed pruning on deciduous trees, evergreens, bramble fruits, grape vines, and late summer and fall blooming shrubs. This is an ideal time to prune as we can see the branch structure clearly. Be sure the wood is above freezing when you prune or splitting will occur.
– ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob