Valentine’s Day – Where did it come from?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while you may feel like this holiday was invented by Hallmark and FTD florists, that is actually not the case. St. Valentine or Valentinus was a very real person who was courageous enough to defy the Roman Emperor. He forbid young men to marry during a time when he needed their military service. This soft hearted priest apparently secretly married a number of star struck couples and may have been martyred for his defense of love. No kidding!

There is probably undue pressure placed on men to perform well for this day of romance and they spend about twice as much as women do to please the one they love. If I were a man I might rebel, but since I’m not let me just suggest that there are many perfect gifts at Waterloo Gardens which are sure to impress your valentine.

Beautiful jewelry is available in our gift department, and gorgeous orchids and many other flowering plants are on display in our greenhouse. You will find many unique gift items throughout the store and the real gem we provide is the help we offer in selecting just the right thing for that special person in your life. When you come in, look around for a bit but then be sure to ask one of our sales associates for assistance. We look forward to seeing you soon so that we can help make Valentine’s Day a great celebration for you!