It’s Time To Plant Summer Bulbs

April is the month for planting your summer bulbs like dahlias, gladiolas, and lilies. Mix bulb fertilizer together with your planting soil to give the bulbs a good start. Visit us soon for the best selection and all the tools needed for easy planting.

Spring blooming bulbs should be deadheaded when the blossoms fade, but do not cut off the green foliage yet. The leaves continue to grow for a few weeks and provide the bulb with nutrients for good flowering next year. If you find the foliage unattractive, plant other perennials close by which will give you color and hide the deteriorating look of the bulbs.


Learn About Creeping Phlox

creeping_phlox_10April is the month each year that we carry creeping phlox in abundance. Also known as moss pinks or mountain pinks, this herbaceous perennial is easy to grow in full or partial sun and performs beautifully as a groundcover or rock garden plant. Hardy in zones three to nine, this short and sturdy plant stays evergreen in a mild winter and bounces back quickly even in regions where the weather dips well below freezing during the coldest season.

Creeping phlox need plenty of sun and should be planted in evenly moist but well drained soil which is organically rich. After they finish blooming, prune back the foliage. This pinching back will result in a denser and more attractive plant. If you wish to propagate your phlox, divide them immediately after they bloom and pay careful attention to watering until they become well established.

Visit us at Waterloo Gardens today where you will find a nice selection of this gardening favorite.

April Gardening Tips

ranunculus_white_12April is the first full month of spring in the garden and if you have just gotten outside, you have probably discovered that many of your plants have begun to grow. Don’t let that allow you to make the mistake of planting annuals (except cool weather annuals like pansies, primrose and ranunculus) just yet. Wait until the danger of frost has ended, usually about Mother’s Day.

It is advantageous, however to plant perennials, flowering shrubs, vines, and any deciduous or evergreen trees. The weather is ideal for laying sod and patching bare areas by over-seeding and starting new lawns with seed.

You can safely transplant all hardy plants at this time without the stress that summer brings. The watering needs will be less and it is easier to work in these moderate temperatures than in the heat and humidity that inevitably comes.

We are just beginning to fill our outdoor departments with plants. The very cold dreary winter set us back a few weeks but the delightful April weather is changing everything quickly. This is an ideal time to make frequent visits to Waterloo Gardens as inventory increases every week. Don’t miss the many colorful plants that arrive almost daily and talk to one of our excited sales associates about your spring garden!

It’s Time to Prune

hedge_trimmer09Now is a good time to perform any needed pruning on deciduous trees, evergreens, bramble fruits, grape vines, and late summer and fall blooming shrubs. This is an ideal time to prune as we can see the branch structure clearly. Be sure the wood is above freezing when you prune or splitting will occur.
– ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob

Preventing Weeds

weeds08April is the month to get your spring and summer gardening off to a good start. Probably one of the most over-looked and dreaded tasks is weeding. Do not neglect to take the time to accomplish this before weeds have a chance to flower and go to seed. Then they really become a nuisance because once the weeds go to seed you can be fighting that weed seed for years to come. It is not unusual for some types of weeds to produce up to ten thousand or more seeds per plant.

Most weeds can simply be pulled or cultivated out of the garden and this is the best time to do that as the ground is soft and damp. Other weeds are more persistent and you may need to use an herbicide of some kind to effectively eradicate them. Applying a pre-emergent in the early spring will go a very long way in preventing a serious problem later on as the temperatures warm and weed seeds germinate. An expert in our garden department will advise you of the best products and methods to use now, so that you can enjoy your garden later.

It’s Time to Sow Warm Season Seeds

It’s time to sow seeds indoors of warm season vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and okra. It’s also time to sow warm season flowering annuals like impatiens, marigolds, petunias, salvia, and zinnias. Then you will have young plants to set out in mid to late May. Be sure to use clean containers and seed starting mix. – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob