Tips for Planting Success

For planting success, be sure to amend your soil, mulch well, and water regularly throughout the season! All plants benefit from added organic conditioning, mulching to retain water and keep weeds away, and consistent watering. Be good to your plants. They will return the favor with long-lasting and increased value to you and your home!


Celebrate Memorial Weekend

hibiscus_org_pink13The calendar insists that the first day of summer is June 21, but all of us know that summer actually begins on Memorial Day! Swimming pools are open and outdoor furniture is cleaned up and ready to use for the first big barbecue or back yard cook out. If the cooler temperatures keep you out of the pool, they are certainly perfect temperatures for gardening.

Patio tropics and container gardens will give you just the color you need to put the finishing touches on your outdoor entertaining areas. For larger areas consider using shrubs or a small tree in a container with annual color spilling over the edges for instant beauty. Always take notice of the sun conditions before buying, and be sure to choose appropriate plants.

During this weekend, take the time to remember that on Memorial Day we recognize the sacrifice of thousands of men and women who gave their lives for our country and our freedom. Remember as well that many are still in harm’s way as they serve in the military around the world. We owe them our gratitude and support!

Enjoy this first summer holiday with friends and family. If you are in the area, be sure to check out our fantastic weekend sales!


How to Plant Bedding Plants

petunias_yllw_10smWhen planting bedding plants be sure to loosen the soil sufficiently where you are  planting them for ease in their ability to root out and establish themselves. Plant at the same depth they were growing in the pot or pack to avoid stem rot disease.

Annuals are heavy feeders. Ideally, mix the recommended amount of dry slow release food thoroughly with the soil where you are going to plant. Mulch to prevent weed growth. Water in thoroughly and then when the plants indicate need thereafter. Enjoy your garden!
-‘Plant Doctor’ Bob

Are Dandelions Taking Over Your Lawn?

dandelions_06The dandelions are blooming in our lawns along with other broadleaf weeds. This reminds us it is time to apply broadleaf weed killer to our turf areas to restore our lawns to a beautiful state. Be careful to apply the specific amount of diluted or granular product to the recommended square footage or you will not get the results you were expecting. Read the labels carefully and measure to be sure! – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob

Health Benefits from Gardening

gardening_senior_couple_09Gardening has the obvious benefit of creating beautiful outdoor surroundings for your home but there are additional advantages you may not realize.

Digging holes for planting, pushing around your lawnmower, pulling weeds, and the many other movements that yard work necessitates provide the weight-bearing exercise needed to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis. An added bonus to gardening is the effect of being outdoors. Fifteen minutes of sun exposure daily gives you all the vitamin D your body requires.

Before you work in your garden, walk around and warm up your muscles just as you would before exercising. Remember to use sunscreen if you plan to be in the sun for more than fifteen minutes. Then enjoy all the fruits of your labor!