When Should I Prune My Mums?

mums_growing_7_06Do you want to have short, bushy mums and asters blooming in your garden this fall? If you do you must remember to keep cutting them back until mid-July for the September bloomers, and late July for the October bloomers. A good many folks forget that this needs to be tended to and then wonder why their plants are tall and clubby come fall, arching to the ground with rain storms. Ideally this process was started when the plants were only 4” tall back in April by pinching or shearing the top 1” off. Then, every time the plants grow a few inches another 1” is taken off. Starting early with this pruning close to the ground will give you good branching low down so your plants will not rock and snap off in the storms of late summer and fall. – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob


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