Wipe Out Weeds

With the weather being so warm and wet plants are growing like crazy. Sadly, so are their weed competitors. Pre-emergent controls you applied earlier may be wearing out sooner due to the weather conditions. Scout for weeds regularly and remove them promptly before they have a chance to spread or go to seed. Weeds can successfully out-compete our cultivated plants for space, water, and nutrients due to their unique genetic make-up. This makes them a nuisance in our gardens, if not an outright danger to our prized plants. Be careful when using Roundup not to get it on anything you don’t wish to be killed. There is a microfine mist beyond the visible cone you can see with your eyes when spraying and even it is lethal to any plants contacted. I found this out the hard way when plants died I thought I hadn’t sprayed. – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob


Weeds Weeds Weeds

With all of the unseasonably warm weather that we have been having, it seems as though I woke up one morning and my gardens were taken over by weeds.  They usually start to appear at this time anyway – in a smaller, easy to control manner –  but whoa the temperatures have made them monsterous and plentiful.  Of course I am now ready to mulch, and the temperatures are getting cool so I can’t spray the weeds until we get a nice sunny warm day again.  Well, my solution is to get out the ol’ metal rake, hand rake, and weed culler.  I will just have to remove them by hand for now…a word of caution, however; perennial weeds will usually come back.  (Weeds that sprout from weed-seeds can be eliminated by spreading corn gluten mixtures in the garden).  Once my beds are cleaned up, it is mulch time!!

During warm weather, I use sprays to get rid of my weeds.  Each year there is a new product added to the mix that targets specific problems.  Ortho Weed B Gone targets the weeds with broad leaves.  Grass B Gone gets rid of weeds that have a grass-like appearance and (obviously) grass itself.  The great thing about Grass B Gone is that it will not harm the plants that you already have planted.  And of course there is the spray to combat that dreaded crabgrass.

Weed mats are incredibly effective If you want great protection and are just starting a new bed, it is a piece of cake to lay.  If you want to use the mats but have established plants, you will have to cut the mat to fit around your plantings.

Well, at least we just had a bit of rain, making the soil softer and the weeds easier to rake out and remove.