Wipe Out Weeds

With the weather being so warm and wet plants are growing like crazy. Sadly, so are their weed competitors. Pre-emergent controls you applied earlier may be wearing out sooner due to the weather conditions. Scout for weeds regularly and remove them promptly before they have a chance to spread or go to seed. Weeds can successfully out-compete our cultivated plants for space, water, and nutrients due to their unique genetic make-up. This makes them a nuisance in our gardens, if not an outright danger to our prized plants. Be careful when using Roundup not to get it on anything you don’t wish to be killed. There is a microfine mist beyond the visible cone you can see with your eyes when spraying and even it is lethal to any plants contacted. I found this out the hard way when plants died I thought I hadn’t sprayed. – ‘Plant Doctor’ Bob


Preventing Weeds

weeds08April is the month to get your spring and summer gardening off to a good start. Probably one of the most over-looked and dreaded tasks is weeding. Do not neglect to take the time to accomplish this before weeds have a chance to flower and go to seed. Then they really become a nuisance because once the weeds go to seed you can be fighting that weed seed for years to come. It is not unusual for some types of weeds to produce up to ten thousand or more seeds per plant.

Most weeds can simply be pulled or cultivated out of the garden and this is the best time to do that as the ground is soft and damp. Other weeds are more persistent and you may need to use an herbicide of some kind to effectively eradicate them. Applying a pre-emergent in the early spring will go a very long way in preventing a serious problem later on as the temperatures warm and weed seeds germinate. An expert in our garden department will advise you of the best products and methods to use now, so that you can enjoy your garden later.