Learn About Creeping Phlox

creeping_phlox_10April is the month each year that we carry creeping phlox in abundance. Also known as moss pinks or mountain pinks, this herbaceous perennial is easy to grow in full or partial sun and performs beautifully as a groundcover or rock garden plant. Hardy in zones three to nine, this short and sturdy plant stays evergreen in a mild winter and bounces back quickly even in regions where the weather dips well below freezing during the coldest season.

Creeping phlox need plenty of sun and should be planted in evenly moist but well drained soil which is organically rich. After they finish blooming, prune back the foliage. This pinching back will result in a denser and more attractive plant. If you wish to propagate your phlox, divide them immediately after they bloom and pay careful attention to watering until they become well established.

Visit us at Waterloo Gardens today where you will find a nice selection of this gardening favorite.


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