Terrariums and Dish Gardens

terrarium_violet12-06Of all the many ways there are to enjoy indoor plants, terrariums and dish gardens are among the most interesting. They have both been around for literally hundreds of years and are more easily grown today with so many plants and types of containers available.

Traditionally, dish gardens are collections of plants with similar cultural needs that are grown in a container without drainage. Terrariums are the same, except grown in glass sometimes with a top to the container and often without. Your options of glass and pottery containers are limited only by your imagination, and many other containers of various materials can be used.

Dish gardens and terrariums make an outstanding gift any time of the year but especially on Valentine’s Day when plants and flowers are so appreciated by the ones we love. At Waterloo Gardens we carry a large variety of dish gardens and terrariums in many sizes and shapes. If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, our experts will help you choose the container and plants for a unique gift which will last far longer than the last minute bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.

You can even bring in a container of your own that you would like planted up with your choices. Come in soon and we will have what you need ready for pickup in just a couple of days.

Many other great gift ideas are available throughout Waterloo Gardens. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you with unique gift ideas for everyone you love!


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