Why Buy a Houseplant?


These cold dreary months can drag on without something new and colorful to remind us that winter is only a matter of weeks and spring will most certainly come. Perhaps you will spend a month in Hawaii basking in the sun but if that is not on your calendar this year, Waterloo Gardens has a solution.

Houseplants not only wake up a room but they are also efficient air purifiers. All plants add oxygen and create a healthier indoor environment, and some plants provide additional added benefits by removing toxins from the air.

The choices in houseplants have increased exponentially over the last several years and in addition to amazing foliage color there are now a number of plants you can enjoy inside for their flowers as well.

All your concerns about choosing the right plant and learning the correct way of caring for it will be addressed by one of our houseplant experts. The sheer enjoyment of a cozy warm tropical experience awaits you when you enter our lush and colorful Greenhouse.

While you are here, check out the schedule of classes we have each weekend for additional information on growing and maintaining houseplants.


One thought on “Why Buy a Houseplant?

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