Top Five Easy Care Houseplants


This cold and dreary weather is torture for an outdoor gardener, but there is a cure for those of us itching to exercise our green thumbs. Houseplants add instant vitality to your home. The trouble is that those who have the most success in their yards often cannot seem to grow anything well inside.

Do not give up! There really are some easy plants that you will grow to love in just a few weeks. Consider these five:

* Pothos is a low maintenance vine often confused with the heartleaf philodendron. The variegated foliage adds interest in a hanging basket, climbing up a structure, or just left to crawl over a tabletop or mantel.

* Snake plant is a care-free succulent plant that tolerates neglect extremely well. There are tall forms or shorter bird’s-nest types available. Be sure to avoid over-watering or the plant will develop root rot.

* English Ivy is one of my favorites. This versatile vine with deep green or variegated foliage should be set on a shelf or mantel where its stems can trail down. For a more formal effect, train the stems onto a topiary form (or purchase one already done for you at Waterloo Gardens).

* ZZ plant, sometimes called the eternity plant for its longevity, is a succulent that tolerates low light and minimal care. The shiny, thick fleshy leaves are so durable you might mistake them for plastic. It grows slowly, so select a larger plant for more impact.

* Rubber Tree is a classic houseplant that eventually grows very large unless you prune it back to keep it shorter and fuller. The big shiny leaves definitely make a dramatic statement.

Of course these plants have different cultural care in terms of light, food, and water necessities. Ask one of the experts in our greenhouse department for specific instructions on the plant of your choice and become a successful indoor gardener!


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