Warm Season Vegetables

While I know that the spring vegetable planting season is quickly coming upon us, please keep in mind that there are some vegetables that need warm days, nights, and soil to thrive.  I wrote previously about great vegetable selections for cooler temperatures, Planting Cool Season Crops, but now the mind starts drifting to tomatoes and peppers – plus many more garden staples like cucumbers, zucchini, etc.

Small vegetable plants are available to buy right now.  The key to success though is to buy them now – if you just can not wait, but let them mature a bit in their pots, (or transplant them into a bit of a bigger pot).  Harden the plants off – which means gradually allowing them to become acclimated to cooler temperatures – by placing the pots in a sunny location outside during the day, and bringing them in at night when the temperatures dip below 55 degrees fahrenheit.

Vegetables actually suffer stress when they are first planted out into the garden.  It is best to wait for about 2 weeks yet to put them into the ground, (today is April 26th).  I have found in past years that even though I planted some veggies early in the season, the ones that were planted later quickly caught up to my original ones anyway.

If you have questions about success in your vegetable gardening endeavors, or have a small space in which to grow vegetables, come to Waterloo Gardens this Saturday, April 28th in Exton at 1 PM or Sunday, April 29th in Devon at 1 PM to attend an informative talk being given by our very knowledgable Bob Keiter.  He will walk you through the ins-and-outs for success.  Questions are definitely welcome.

As we progress through the season, I will let you know the methods that I will use when I plant, and tell you about my experience with my own garden.


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