Wind, Water, and Sun

The past few days have been so windy, even though the temperatures have been on the cool side, it still takes a toll on your plants.   Well, I made the mistake of forgetting to water.  I thought about the cool temperatures and forgot how drying the gusts of wind can be.  Luckily, I caught my mistake in time – even though my plants were pretty unhappy with me.  Because I had let them dry out, a thorough soaking was in order.

When plants get extremely dry, a regular watering is not sufficient.  I had to soak my plants three times to make sure that the water didn’t just run off the ground or quickly pass through my planters and hanging baskets.  It is really important to thoroughly wet the soil in order to provide enough moisture.

Now, the weather forecast is calling for the next 4 days to be in the upper 70’s and even hit 80 degrees – with no rain in sight.  Please remember your plants.  Check them for water daily, especially newly planted seeds and plants.


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