Scary Side Bed ..Off the List!!!

Well, I did it!!  I started my to-do list that had been overwhelming me and now I am HOOKED!!  If I hadn’t run out of yard waste space, I would still be out there working on the next area until the sun went down.  My mind is crazy with gardening ideas…I just have to do one thing right now…one thing that I do not have in my repertoire…I have to be patient because it is only FEBRUARY.  (Oh yeah, keep that in mind when you look at the before and after pictures of this area.  It is still not pretty.  It’s just not scary.)

My next move is to plant up some pansy hanging baskets with some of those old saved containers that I had mentioned before.  That will add some needed color to this particular space.

Things accomplished today:

  1. Used hedge clippers on my spirea (down to 18″), yellow-twig dogwood (removed 3′ off of the top), knockout roses (down to 12″), ornamental grasses (down to 6″), weigelia (down to 6″) and caryopteris (down to 12″).  Obviously, I then lugged all of the clippings away… 😦
  2. Hand trimmed my clumps of liriope (down to 1″)
  3. Removed and emptied old containers and hanging baskets
  4. I trimmed up an old butterfly bush that I will probably just be replacing anyway
  5. Got mud on my hands, shoes, and pants.

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