Not Just a Cool Herb Garden but a DROP-IN

I always wonder why more people don’t do this…I already had a pot of my own…don’t really care to get another…so I make this rockin’ herb garden in a plain old pot and then just drop it into my container…voila!!

As far as the herb container goes, I added chives, rosemary, purple sage, silver thyme, parsley, and spearmint.  I plan to keep this garden outside from now on to monitor it’s reaction and growing habit with the fluctuating temperatures.  This, unfortunately, means NO basil.  Basil can not tolerate the cold.  It is definitely a warm-season plant…the only reason that I don’t have oregano in there is because – well – I just didn’t have any to plant and I was too impatient to wait another day.

I did not add fertilizer because herbs actually grow best – with better flavor and oil content – when an organic feed of fish emulsion is used in the spring.  Fish emulsion is just what it sounds like – liquid fish-stuff.  In the spring you use it every two weeks to keep your herbs growing strong.

Oh – and by the way – the container garden that I made is WAY too crammed to keep it this way all season.  The pot just isn’t big enough.  As the plants really take off, I will either replant them into my garden – directly, or I will break them out into other containers.  A few I may give a pot of their own (like the rosemary and the mint) but others I may keep together in duos or trios.


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