Time to Commit

On Tuesday I spent most of the day taking care of all of my indoor chores in anticipation of having Thursday free to get outside and begin work on my to-do list.  It’s funny, I get excited thinking about working outside and preparing my gardens for the spring but then, I begin to get overwhelmed when I look at the whole scope of my projects.  Tonight I walked the garden and came up with a few simple things to take care of tomorrow…They mainly focus upon what I currently call the “scary side garden”  You can see from the photo below what I am talking about…anyway – my goals are to remove a dead viburnum, cut back the ornamental grasses, trim back my liriope, cut back my knockout roses and see how things look from there.  I will give you an updated shot tomorrow.  One exciting thing in my life from today though was that my yard waste container was emptied and I have plenty of room to fill it back up again!!!  ( Maybe I have to get more of a life if I consider that to be exciting.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Time to Commit

    • Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!. As we hit spring and venture into full gardening swing, I will have many more posts. Your feedback has truly brightened my day!

      Take care,
      Tracy A. Smith

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