So Who Am I To Say

Well, I have already made my first faux pas in the blogging world – I didn’t introduce myself.  This could potentially be a scary-long post so I will keep it relatively brief.

I am Tracy Smith – director and buyer for the greenhouses/annual departments at Waterloo Gardens.  How cool is that…I am surrounded by plants and plant people every day.  I have been there for about 10 years.  Prior, I graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS, majoring in Landscape Horticulture.  I have experience working in formal gardens, botanical gardens, for the state parks system, and working for a few private clients.  The best experience that I have though is the fact that my parents were both raised as farmers and passed down a ton of information that you can not always learn through study. I am constantly learning new lessons from my coworkers, customers at Waterloo, growers, and my own experiences.

I live in Delaware and work in Pennsylvania.  My partners in crime are three dogs and three cats.  I enjoy being outside in all of the seasons.  I love the ocean and the mountains.  Coffee rocks!  I read like crazy and just learned to knit this past Christmas.  Sweats are my preferred attire…I am a true bum.  I am a pizza fiend but I really like to cook as well.  Hmmm – what else can I bore you with???  I guess I will leave my bio at this for now and just add a few tid-bits that I can think of along the way.

OMG!!! I missed the most important thing…my astrological sign is Gemini.  That was a joke…you know, the old “What’s your sign” line.  Oh well, at least I thought it was kind of funny.


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