Today I am going to create my garden journal for 2012.  It is important to keep notes not only about what worked and what didn’t but to keep a running log of photographs throughout the season as your plants develop.  Right now, it is also a great way to make to-do lists.  You may think this is a bit odd but I walk around my yard almost every day, looking for those first bits of growth that begin to pop through the soil.  So far all I am seeing are snowdrops and early daffodil greens.  I also walk to my currently ugly vegetable garden and think about what I would like to see this year vs the fiasco I created last year…let’s just say that my eyes were bigger than my garden plot.

The warm temperatures this winter have really given me the gardening bug but I know that the ground is still too cold to plant. (If the soil temperature is too cold, the plants will just sit there because the roots won’t grow enough to support a big colorful show.)  This doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of things that I can do in the meantime.

I was lazy this past fall and I have a mountain of containers to clean up before I use them again.  I should really get this started because, even though the ground is too cold to directly plant into just yet, I plan to start making my early March container gardens as soon as the pots of pansies start to color up.  I like recycling old containers because I already have plenty of planters that I own so I create “slip-ins”.  I make gardens out of my left over plastic pots and simply sit them inside of my decorative ceramics.  Win-win situation!

One other thing that I am doing right now is reading through my gardening books and magazines, taking notes for projects to come.


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